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FreedomPop Data Saving Tips, Reduce Your Bandwidth Usage

While the paid FreedomPop services (at $20/month for 2GB and $35/month for 4GB) may be enough for you to make it through the month, it probably will realistically be very difficult to make it through the month with the free data plan. As mentioned in my FreedomPop Overview Review, your free plan will only include 500MB of service, but can be increased up to 1000MB by adding FreedomPop friends. (1000MB is just slightly under 1GB)

As a general rule, you should avoid streaming videos or streaming music with the free FreedomPop plan. If you want to play music on your device, it's best to copy it over to a microSD card and play the music from there, so that won't use up your data (outside of trivial things like perhaps updating album art, etc.)

(I must acknowledge that I am both a FreedomPop customer and a FreedomPop affiliate.)

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Data Saving Tips for FreedomPop Android Phones

If you've used your Android phone for more than a day, you should be able to find some useful information about which of your phone's apps are using up your data.

You can access data usage information from the Settings app icon, then choose "Data Usage..." Below the data usage chart you'll find a list of the apps using the most data.

You can tap most apps and select "Restrict Background Data" which will prevent it from using your mobile data allowance when you're not using the app. Disabling it for things like Facebook could prevent you from getting updates without opening Facebook, so you'll need to decide if its worth saving the data on apps you're using constantly through the day.

The good news is a lot of your apps transmit data in an encrypted (in laymans terms, garbled-looking) way. The bad news is the tips below won't really help you save data in any of those "secure"-ish apps.

If you're using Chrome as your main web browser, you can go into Settings inside Chrome and enable data saving from the "Data Saver" / "Reduce Bandwidth" listing. This will only save data on sites that are not secure.

There's two popular choices for reducing data in a more general sense. Opera Max will attempt to save data in general, plus streaming video when it can. Onavo Extend will attempt to save data but doesn't help out with streaming video. I must note that Onavo was purchased by Facebook, and the terms mention using the data to market to you. If providing your phone data to Facebook bothers you, please skip Onavo.

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Tip: Some sites recommend using Wi-Fi when possible. I must point out here, that if you're also using FreedomPop as your home Internet, or connect to a FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot, it'll just use up the data from that plan instead of your phone plan. The best Wi-Fi tip is to connect to a network with unlimited data, not to a FreedomPop device.

If you've already added 10+ Freedom Friends, and have both a FreedomPop phone and a FreedomPop hotspot, you can configure your FreedomPop phone to use the hotspot for data, allowing you to get 1000MB for the phone, and 1000MB for the hotspot. It's a good option if you don't want to upgrade to the Premium data plans.

So in conclusion, the Data Usage area of your Settings app can really help you save on your data. Apps like Opera Max and Onavo Extend can help with regular data but will not help you with encrypted data.

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